Passive House

Where did we find the inspiration, expertise and faith required to build such a high-performance house? Nearly next door. We are working with the same team that constructed the first certified Passive House in New York State, the award-winning Hudson Passive Project by Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC and Bill Stratton Building Company.

Press on the Hudson Passive Project:

BACK TO NATURE: “Like the Houses of the Future designed 50 or 60 years ago, this state-of-the-art sustainable residence in New York’s Hudson Valley is, shockingly, all-electric. The total energy bill, however, is expected to run just $400 a year-a feat made possible by meeting standards set by the Passivhaus Institut.” Interior Design, by Dan Shaw

First Green, Passive House in New York State Constructed in Claverak, NY
“An architect committed to sustainable living designs an extremely green home that almost heats itself”
Hudson Valley Magazine, by Lynn Hazlewood

House Tour: Claverack, NY
New York Times, by Bethany Lyttle

Passive House, Aggressive Idea
“The house uses no geothermal power, no wind power, yet it uses 10 percent the energy of a normal house, simply by the way it’s built.”
New York HOUSE magazine, by Vicki Distefano

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