Tapering the columns

Tapered columns look extra special but I wonder how Nick Ford did the math. He’s so good I expect it’s by eye. The pillars on many old Shaker buildings are granite, with the same tapered proportion.

Building the porch

The porch roof boards were coated with white primer during another marathon painting spree by Chris (abandoning Susan to dinner, homework, lunch boxes and night-night). Chris is pitching in to keep costs down but we are so glad we added “front porch” to the contract with Bill Stratton Building Co. (instead of trying to build it ourselves). It’s modern and Shaker and so very welcoming. It’s also the last big thing the team will do before we take over to finish the interior. We will miss them when they are gone. The good work is appreciated and the progress is addictive. “What did they do at the house today?” is the first question Nicholas, age 10, asks when he gets off the school bus.