Inside electrical wiring

Dean Warner, electrician, returns to install more interior wiring and keep an eye on the deer walking past in the field. Fixtures are attached to the one-and-a-half-inch furring strips attached to the SIPs panels. In the next week or so, this will all be covered by drywall / sheetrock. This approach is easier than creating chases within the rigid foam to run wiring, or hiding it in a fat baseboard, which are alternatives when working with SIPs.

Spool caddy for telephone cable

Several months ago the phone company, Verizon, dropped off a spool of cable weighing several hundred pounds. Chris built a spool caddy and waited. At long last, the nearest neighbor granted an easement to the nearest utility pole, a date was set for electrical service installation, Chris dug the trench with his father-in-law, National Grid installed the electric cables — and yesterday Chris unwound the cable the length of the trench.